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    Jul 2001
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    Smile Got new Digicam and love it.....

    Hey there,

    I just upgraded from my old Samsung Digimax camera to a Konica Minolta Z10.
    I have to admit, the images are very well done when taken. The 8x zoom is great as well.
    It's only 3.2 MP but hey, I am making 8x10 with ease. The trick with great looking
    photography and to keep it economical is to take a great photo, and print on good quality
    24lb premium paper (I use Xerox on this). I do not work for either company and I am not
    trying to promote either. However, this is a trick we use at work and people think
    their photos are GREAT. You can then buy a decent frame to put it in and pocket the rest
    on anything you need. You do NOT need to have them professionally reproduced at all.
    The whole glossy "KODAK" feel gets taken care of by the glass and frame, the colors will
    be more vivid and are cheaper. BTW- that glossy paper that the office places sell actually
    produces a faded image with lines. This is because the paper doesn't get saturated enough.
    Even with a laser printer you won't be getting the results you wanted.
    It's like trying to use a marker on a porchelin finish. It just doesn't go through.
    Finally, if you have a somewhat sophisticated photo printer use the custom color calibration
    settings. What you see on your comp is not what you will get when you print.

    The paper behind glass trick is nothing new. If you know what you are doing people can't
    tell the difference. The only time you would use the other kind of paper is if someone
    was going to hold the image such as an "Autograph". Other than that save your money.
    I hope this helps some people out there.

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