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    Aug 2003

    Folding Frogs - Welcome to the Pond/ What is folding? Thread

    Pc Perspective Folding Frogs Team 734

    Guests and New members folding for Team 734

    1) How can I help? Why should I fold? - Visit our very own Folding promotional video;
    (for hi-speed internet access users or if you have a few minutes to spare dial up users)
    Folding For Our Future (Link)

    2) What is folding? - Folding@Home is a distributed computing (link) project which studies Protein Folding (link) , misfolding, aggregation, and Related diseases (Link) . For more detailed information, check out our FAQ Link.

    3) Is Folding@Home legitimate? Check out their Home Page
    and read for yourself Folding@Home (Link)
    Be sure to sign up with Team 734

    4) Looking for a quick and easy set up guide to get you started

    Folding Frogs First timers Folding@Home Set-up Guide (Link) win 98&ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.

    Folding@Home advanced user Console Set Up Guide (Link) win 98&ME/NT/2000/XP compatible.
    (also use for hyperthreading & multiple client set ups)

    New F@H v5.0 graphical client set up guide(Link) winXP/2000NT only

    5) What does Team 734 Folding Frogs have to offer?

    About once a week BuiesCreek847 puts together a great newsletter called the Lilypad Register (Link)and keeps us frogs up to date with the goings' ons in the folding community. Check it out and click the link above.

    Folks where else can you Adopt-A-Frog (Link) nowhere else but the pond. Find out why the heck a frog needs adopting?
    * Adopt-A-Frog_3 is online! Thanks to all who donated parts and a big thanks to our newsest host. He's been king enough to post pics!! Read all about it here;
    The birth of our latest tadpole (56k warning) (Link)

    update We are continuing to build adopted frogs everywhere and are already working on AAF13 Lucky #13

    * Ever had one of those days? Nothing goes right? Stupid puter pops a nut! Cleaning lady unpluged your farm! Folding frogs have a neat thread where one can blow off steam and tell the world to Bite One! Let us know how you really feel here; Folding Frogs Crap thread! (Link)Folding Frogs Crap thread!

    Would like to help but want to stay low key-
    Join the Forg_Species_734 (Link) collective, they are currently ranked #1 in Team output and are quickly climbing the ladder among the World (Link) ranked folders!

    What are the people like? -
    Check out this link Why do you fold here? (Link)

    Looking for a better place to meet new people with common interests just trying to make a difference...
    You can stop looking and we welcome you to join in on the fun.

    Oh and you get a Kewl Folding SiG Counter (Link provided by "coolrunr"

    Kewl Stanford links about your work units

    How many points is that project your working on worth? (Link)

    What is the project I am currently working on about? (Link)

    What is the current server status? (Link)

    Folding Specifics

    Once f@h is installed and configured your PC contact stanfords servers for a work unit to process.
    First the server will benchmark your PC to determine the Processing speed capabilites and match a core to be assigned to yours specific.
    The benchmarks differences are only measurable If your PC is running a CPU older than an Athlon/P4 class processor

    Types of cores assigned

    1. TINKER (Link)
    2. GROMACS (Link)
    3. Amber (Link)

    If bandwidth is issue have no fear; F@H is only using bandwidth when uploading and downloading Work units
    the smallest (Tinkers) being a few 100k's -2.5Mb's and the largest being 5mb (I believe)

    Then pull up a lilypad a stay for awhile,
    the only rules are to have fun and post often

    (This page is under construction if there is anything you would like to see added to this page Pm your thoughts and suggestions to me or any mod of the folding forum... thnx)
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    Folding For Our Future Movie link CLICK HERE

    That's a Sweet Rig in your Sig but does it Fold?

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    Feb 2001
    near the sea-port of Antwerp, Belgium

    Re: Folding Frogs - Welcome to the Pond/ What is folding? Thread


    In the meantime, there have been some very significant upgrading to the hardware and software that can be used to take part in this Quest for Cures with the Stanford Folding@Home program of Distributed Computing research.

    We now have multi-core SMP Folding (default 4-core, but 2-core and 4plus-core is also possible)

    We also have PS3 Folding

    We have had GPU Folding which has progressed to GPU2 Folding; with GPU Folding there was no choice but to do it on certain ATI cards, with the current flavor of GPU2 Folding, you can join in with nVIDIA or ATI graphics cards of the latest generations.

    The yield has been increasing dramatically (as have the credits) and results of the research can now anly come sooner !

    Please check the Stanford website and their Blog foe more up-to-date info here: (= News link of the previous website) this is the Forum (that has been Stanford's for a while now, after the crash of the long-time privately supported and payed for previous Folding Forum)

    Please, check them out; lots of information to be found there.

    Another very good source is the FahWiki: with lots of specific data on the Folding process, Clients, Cores, etc., etc..


    Fold with what you have, Every Work Unit will make a difference.

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