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    May 2000

    AV8: what SATA DVDR drive?

    Right now I have a Plextor 712SA drive that is acting poorly: It doesn't boot bootable CDs and juts recently it stopped reading CDs altogether in windows! I can try to RMA it, but if I'm going to continue to have the booting problems, I might want to get another drive altogether.... I'd like one that comes with a black face if possible, what do you guys recommend?

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    Nov 2002

    Re: AV8: what SATA DVDR drive?

    It would probably help if you asked in the storage forum, but I haven't had any probs with my black Pioneer 108
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    May 2000

    Re: AV8: what SATA DVDR drive?

    I want to make sure that the drive works well with my AV8... that is why I posted here, but I'll ask over there as well. Thanks.

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    Feb 2004
    Glasgow, Scotland

    Re: AV8: what SATA DVDR drive?

    Are you sure that it is meant to work with a KT800 chipset - I know that nForce 3 won't work with current SATA optical drives.

    To quote Plextor
    "- Is the PX-712SA, with serial ATA interface, compatible with every Motherboard that has SATA interface ?

    The PX-712SA works on most motherboards when equipped with Serial ATA interface (SATA), however, one should check with the manufacturer of the motherboard if the SATA supports optical devices. In some cases the SATA controllers do need a BIOS upgrade to support optical devices other controllers do not support it at all."
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