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    Re: Serial and IDE RAID?

    ^^^ I dug that up in the manual a few months back myself in a discussion.

    Unorthodox setup. I am sure it does 0+1 with three drives, 2x iDE and one SATA.

    They stripe the pair of IDE's and then Mirror with the SATA.

    Don't ask me who's the "Rocket Scientist" that came up with that idea. Mixing performance via hardware Interface Protocols on a single array is not something I would have ever considered.

    I am pretty sure you are right.
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    Re: Serial and IDE RAID?

    I am going to be ready monday night to set up the OS and try a couple different things mentioned here. If all works as planned I will have 2 arrays in RAID, I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. The system is ready to start I just want to double check it after work monday.
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