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    Oct 2004

    So is it possible to go above 240FSB using 2x512 sticks?

    So far I have tried my BH-5 sticks and my Corsair sticks in 2x512 and it doesnt matter what timings I use its not stable. Someone told me its just the way the NF7 is... something to do with the memory controller?

    I am able to get up to 260FSB with 1 stick of BH-5 using my OCZ DDR Booster, but once I go for 2x512 it craps out. I have tried BH-5 in SC and DC it doesnt matter, it doesnt work. I'm sorry but I need more than 512MB RAM for games and such.

    I have done the L12 mod and Vdd mod. I have tried raising the rails on my Power Supply. I have the VTT, Vdimm, PLL chips, SB, and NB all with heatsinks. I havent put anything on the mosfets because I think my chip gives out around 2.7ghz no matter how much vcore it has.

    Anyways... with all this b.s. and extra crap that I have I cant seem to get any higher than 240FSB using 2x512... has anyone been able to do this? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Dec 2002
    Orlando Florida

    Re: So is it possible to go above 240FSB using 2x512 sticks?

    240 is my max so far but for my cpu I have to use a multipier of 9.5 which just kills memory bandwidth. So now I am (at the moment) at 235mhz 11-2-2-2.5 timings, multiple of 10. Sandra score of 3550.
    AsRock 939Dual SataII w/ AM2 CPU board, Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8ghz, 4gb Muskin DDR2 800 with 5-5-5-12, Raid-0 WD 80gb SATA 1 drives, WD 320gb Sata2, LSP 750w, eVga 8800 GTX, 24" ACER LCD, A/C cooled case. 2.30 official ASrock Bios.

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