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    May 2003
    Adelaide,South Australia

    Problem 8RDA+ and ATI Radeon 9600XT dont get along!HELP!!

    Hi guys,
    Just pulled out my trusty GFFX 5200 and chucked in my new ATI 9600xt Jetway 256 mb.
    Hey i know it aint the latest greatest but thought it may give me a bit better performance.
    This has not been the case so far.
    As u have probably guessed it didnt boot after install.
    I have scanned a few forums seems like it may be a power issue,possibly bios AGP settings,
    possibly epox,me,the weather,sunspot activity etc.
    If anybody can help me out,maybe even the Epox Techo dude,
    This would be greatly appreciated.
    PS.Have just heard i need to delete ALL nvidia drivers.Well i did delete
    display drivers but does this mean nforce2 motherboard drivers too?
    At this rate I will be going Intel,Asus and Nvidia very fargin shortly thats for sure!!
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