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Thread: .chm files

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    May 2002
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    Question .chm files

    I have a ebook that I download from the net to help me get started in Linux, I can read it in windows but can't open the file in Linux.
    I've got Fedora core3 test 2 installed on the machine. It would be a lot easier if I read the book in Linux that having to reboot in windows.The book is in ".chm" file or Compiled HTLM Help file. What program do I need to use to open in Linux.
    If I have to install a new program, Instruction would be appreciated, the command line got me stumped.
    I've tried to install FAD and no luck yet. I keep retreating into Windows for comfort.

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    Sep 2002
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    Re: .chm files

    A quick google search gave me xCHM.
    Just download the rpm and use rpm -Uvh foo.rpm to install

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