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    Feb 2005

    OC a Chaintech S1689

    Hi all, I just got done building a computer with a bunch of mid-range components, and didn't notice until afterwards that the motherboard doesn't have any overclocking options in the BIOS (that I can find, anyways). It's a pretty cheap motherboard that uses a Uli M1689 chipset. OCing it is just something I kind of want to do for fun, but I don't know where to start on this board. All of the programs I've run across are chipset-specific, and nothing seems to support this lesser-known brand. Does anybody out there have a suggestion of what I might do to run this thing a little faster.

    At the moment, it's a stock Athlon64 3500+ with a gig of Geil RAM and a Zalman 7000 CPU fan.

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    Feb 2003

    Re: OC a Chaintech S1689

    hi, tjd: that's a new chip as you know. why don't you ask over in the chaintech forum. the mod has one and probably can give some suggestions.


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