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    Jun 2003

    Re: Bush describes his own judgement preceding the war perfectly

    Quote Originally Posted by baghdad bob
    like this:

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. On good days and on bad days, whether the polls are up or the polls are down, I am determined to win the war on terror, and I will always support the men and women who do the fighting. (Applause.)

    My opponent has taken a different approach.

    AUDIENCE: Booo!

    THE PRESIDENT: It's fair to say that consistency has not been his strong point.

    AUDIENCE: Flip-flop! Flip-flop! Flip-flop!

    THE PRESIDENT: Senator Kerry says that we're better off with Saddam Hussein out of power, except when he declares that removing Saddam made us less safe. He stated in our second debate that he always believed that Saddam was a threat, except, a few questions later, when he said Saddam Hussein was not a threat.

    AUDIENCE: Flip-flop! Flip-flop! Flip-flop! "

    OMG this just proves how much the repubs by into GOP propaganda.. it is such a joke.. they've orchestrated this perfectly, have fox news say flip flop on there objective news casts..make some t-shirts...some clever sandals....there clearly brain washed.. and that is such a stupid chant anyway.. i

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    May 2004
    village of idiots

    Re: Bush describes his own judgement preceding the war perfectly

    "One could argue that The Stepford Wives is not a horror movie (it is often labeled as a "thriller"), but it is certainly horrifying. The notion that a small group of people could take over a town so entirely is frightening enough; such conspiracies were probably big on the national conscience so soon after Watergate."


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