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    Feb 2003

    Re: HTPC configurations.

    OMFG! That's some "HTPC" ya got there Lanurd!

    I received my AV-710 the other day. The drivers on the CD are way old, and the ones available at the Chaintech site, while newer, are still not as new as what's available at the Via site.

    The "control panel" included with the drivers is pretty minimal. There are no controls for bass, treble, or environmental sounds, strictly volume and input/output. I'm using the Winamp EQ for sound settings with no problems.

    The card will do playback at 96KHz in stereo mode, which sounds really great through the SPDIF optical connection to my Onkyo TX-SR500 receiver and Axiom speakers.

    It won't play back this high in 5.1 though. The 5.1 from DVD's still sounds much more detailed and crisp than the onboard sound from my Biostar M7NCG-400, even though I was using an optical connection.

    I've read numerous reviews of this card where people complained about performance hits during gaming. I bought the card strictly for music and video playback, and it's a steal at the price!
    DFI nF4 Expert / 0406BTA Bios/ AMD64 3800+ X2 / 4 Pipe Stock Cooler / 2x1Gb OCZ5001024ELGE (UCCC) / OCZ GXS600W PSU /Lian-Li PC65b / ATi Radeon X800 / NEC ND3550 DVD/CD-RW / 2 x 160Gb Hitachi SATA RAID-O / WDC WD800JB 80Gb IDE

    Biostar T-Force 560+/ RH N56BAA09 bios / AMD 4000+ Brisbane AM2 / Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro / Patriot DDR2-800 2x1Gb PDC22G6400ELK / Sapphire HD3650 / Seagate 250Gb SATA-II ST3250410AS / Optiarc DVD-RW AD-7240S

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    Jan 2001
    calagary Alberta ,Canada EH

    Re: HTPC configurations.

    Well my hdpc has almost been completed [for now lol]
    Consists of:
    Benq 19" lcd monitor placed beside my couch for running seconday apps whilst playing games [ music match jukebox whille playing games]
    Logitech cordless mx700 duo
    logitech 2.4 ghz cordless rumble pad
    canon mp390 [fax/scanner/copier/photo/card scanner]
    canon power shot A70 3.2 mega pixal
    linkys wireless g router
    xp3500@2470 mhz air cooled for now waiting for my water block to eliminate 80% of the noise.
    a8v deluxe
    saphhire toxic x800 pro modded to a x800 p.e 16 pipelines [core 550 mem 590]
    2 x 74 gb raptors raided
    2 x 512 pc 4000 corsiar
    16 x dual layer pioneer dvd burnner
    raidmax case
    onboard sound [not the best unfortunatly but am currently looking for a non creative solution]
    logitech z5500 5.1 suround speakers [500 watts]
    and the main pc monitor /tv is a hitachi 46" hd projection [46w500 the one with the 720 p processor] with a bell hd tv reciever .

    Darn near forgot the reclining couch to do everything on lol

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    Hot deals trading rules
    950 i7 core,evga ftw3 mobo,3x2 gigpc12000,1xevga480, 4 x 74 g raptors, 2- 500gb seagates,46inch lcd monitor max res 1920\1080,obsidian 800d

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    Apr 2003

    Re: HTPC configurations.

    Mobo - MSI KT3 Ultra ARU
    CPU - XP1700+@2.1GHz
    Mem - 2x256MB Corsair XMS PC2700
    Video - ATI Radeon 8500
    -Avermedia M150 TV/FM capture card
    -TC2000 VGA to YPrPb Transcoder
    -Sony 36" XBR 400
    HDD - Maxtor 80GB ATA100
    - IBM 120GXP 40GB
    DVD - Pioneer 500-M 16x
    Sound - Hercules Fortissimo 7.1
    - Sony STR-545 A/V Receiver
    -Polk Audio 5.1 matching speakers
    -Infinity Subwoofer
    Modem - Aopen FM56-PX PCI modem (supports TAPI caller ID)
    LAN - Realtek based 4-port PCI network card (shares LAN w/moddedxbox)
    Remote - Microsoft MCE Remote
    PSU - 300w Enermax
    i can ride my bike with no handlebars

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    Jun 2003

    Re: HTPC configurations.

    Nice setup
    I was thinking of building a htpc soon, and using MythTv for linux, because I love its feautures. What htpc software are you guys using. Guys keep on posting your htpc configs. Is it amazing to browse the web on a huge screen tv 40inch+.
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