hello people,

I have an Antec 300W PS..

Ok, this is what I have connected to it:

3 80mm Fans
1 10,000rpm Raptor HD
1 7,500rpm HD
1 DVD RW/R burner
2 Leds for my front computer panel
1 ASUS 9800 pro card
1 Floppy Drive
1 Asus Mother Board

and it has been running fine so far.. I have ASUS probe, where it detects flunctuations in the different voltage lines, and everything seems stable.

Do you guys think it can handle one more 80mm fan? if not, what is the worst thing that can happen? could I hurt my components, or potentially damage a HD?

I wish i knew at what percentage of its capacity Im currently at.

I gotta say, ANTEC makes quality PS, Ive had it for 4 going on 5 years.. been thru 3 different computers iterations.

anyways, love to hear your educated comments.