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    May 2001
    Savage, MD

    I pre-ordered my 939 PCI Express!

    Well, I need to get a whole new system (as my sig demonstrates).
    Heres what I ordered:
    Athlon64 3500
    Poly939SLI whatever board - basically the MSI Nforce4 SLI.
    2gb 3200 DDR
    2x36gb WD 10000 in RAID0

    Yeah, I could have built it myself, but since this is the most expensive thing I will own (besides my tablet), Id rather not fry a board or CPU and be out more than I could replace. I build the $50 processor/$50 MBs. Beyond that I might as well give them the $50 and get a warranty. I could have saved some money, but I dont want to hear anything about the boards being out of stock. Im already waiting till Dec 15th, and if I had to wait two more weeks EverquestII would be missing me.
    And yeah, I only have one 6600GT in it. I can buy another later when the price goes down alot.
    And I ordered from Polywell, who I hear makes great computers and is the ONLY one on the ONLY maker on the MSI site (the you can buy MSI Nforce4 boards here link) that didnt force you to buy 3800+ or better CPUs, two 6800 video cards, or 2GB memory, etc. to preorder.
    Normal customizer, rather than only selling the Nforce4 boards with their $3200-$6600 systems.

    Anyways, feeling pretty good.

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