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    Question What to look for in an superior/high quality LCD monitor?

    Hey, ive been thinking of getting an LCD monitor for years now, but havent really been following along with the technology.

    Im looking for something around 19"-22" but im not sure what all the contrast ratio's, and screen millimeter pixels resolutions mean. Im looking for THE BEST visually/performing LCD monitor on the market (and if you tell me of one, can you tell me why its superior?), also price is not an object.

    And could you maybe point out to my a sort-of buyers guide on how to choose an LCD monitor (i googled the web but i just cant seem to find any guides that FULLY explain what a superior LCD moniter should feature) ok thnx, fire away!

    Oh by the way im currently using a 19" Hitachi CM721F CRT monitor with a .20 dotpitch, can i expect to see better results with a high quality LCD? This monitor i have now simple rocks picture wise and i got it 2 years ago for like $260. If you need to talk me out of looking at LCD monitors for whatever reason then feel free to do so.
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    Re: What to look for in an superior/high quality LCD monitor?

    I am also looking for a LCD monitor and this is a good article to read. BTW, I have an ancient Hitachi 620 17" CRT here. likely has some articles too.

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