I had 1GB of Corsair XMS3500, which is BH-5, for sale on eBay. A guy from the Philippines contacted me and ended up buying them for $330 + shipping. He paid via PayPal and the transaction went to "complete" status. This was on November 25. I shipped the package via Global Express Mail. I just logged into my PayPal account tonight and found that my account was in the negative and that the payment was on "temporary hold by PayPal". After 45 minutes on hold with PayPal I have found out that it looks like he paid with someone else's account. I should know within 3-4 days if I will be getting the money back or not. I'm not holding my breath. Since I did not ship to a verified address, I'm not eligible for the seller protection plan. PayPal is passing the buck off on me. What kind of a deal is this? It's there service that screwed up and they find a way to pass the loss off onto their customers. What options do I have at this point? Any help as appreciated.