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    May 2001
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    Re: l3p3r_M355i4h = TROLL!!!

    Well if things have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction then I have no problem with a lock and letting it drop for now.

    FYI...If you find the part and still want to sell it for the agreed price, let me know if you want to ship it and I'll have the funds waiting once it arrives.

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    Dec 2003

    Re: l3p3r_M355i4h = TROLL!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by l3p3r_M355i4h
    alrighty. Now time for my side of the story.

    First of all, I would like to apologize to wbd1966 and suphomey. It was not my intention by any means to troll you. You may not believe that. If I had meant to troll you, I would not have refunded.

    As far as sabrewolf732 goes, is a different story. You are seriously ho'd out for talking smack, and acting like I trolled you. I did not. For those of you who do not know the back story, here it is. He was selling lapping kits, but did not have paypal. I did not wish to go through the trouble of finding someone to issue a money order, so we agreed that I would send him cash. Despite the fact that I have sent the required payment twice, he says he has not recieved anything. After some PMing, he decided to let it lie, and i gave him some positve heat. Why the hell would you call me troll when I offered you payment in a different way? Christ, for all I know, you could have recieved the money, and are trying to troll me! And i'm not accusing anyone mind you, its just that I don't like throwing money down a bottomless pit.

    Originally Posted by sabrewolf732

    yo, wtf me and tenax have been trying to contact you for a LONG time. I still havent received your $ and I doubt you ever sent it as I never had any trouble receiving $ before. I dont wanna call you a troll or anything but so far you are acting like one

    I sent you an email, detailing a way that we could deal with this problem, but you might not have seen it (I don't think i put in a subject line), so i'lll reiterate it. I've sent you $20 total (two envelopes with $10 a piece.) Since they haven't gotten to you, we can work this one of two ways: 1) I send you a money order for the sum, or 2) I send you paypal for the ammount, or send the paypal to a trusted 3rd party.

    I hope that we can resolve this ASAP, as it is my least intention to screw people out of their money. BTW, I've become very busy over the last couple of weeks, and my home relations aren't the best, so i've kind of lost track of things in a way.

    does that sound like a troll to you?

    o0k sorry, but the thing is I have been sent letters with $ before and I have received them. You said you sent 2 letters and I didnt recieve anything You told me your story and I did let it lie, its just that I then read this thread and figured maybe you did try to troll me etc. sorry man, but its alright, forget about the $, it was only $10. You have to understand I beleived you at first, but I then saw this thread saying that you were possibly trolling and then I put 2 and 2 together. ok? resolved?
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    Re: l3p3r_M355i4h = TROLL!!!


    I was in a holding pattern waiting on word of your


    Your failure to communicate has been the cause of this thread.
    A trader shouldn't need to be brought out in public forum in order
    to find resolution.
    The fact that you had time to post in other forums rather than
    deal with your PM's and e-mails concerning your trades is unacceptable.

    This thread is closed.

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