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    Jun 2001

    Bridging data (MySQL, Access)

    Ok, I am trying to figure something out and don't know how of if this is possible. Basically I have a database I use in MySQL for all my stuff. But another developer would like to use my database for their stuff which is based on Access and visual basic. (or some other combination of Access and 'something')

    e.g. ;

    [Access database / frontend] -- Linked via windows share --> [backend tables] -- Linked MyODBC --> [MySQL table]

    Now I know this would be possible;

    [Access database / frontend] --- Linked via MyODBC ---> [MySQL table]

    But they don't want to do that as they don't want to install the MySQL ODBC drivers and setup the DSN's on each of the client machines. Is there anything you can do to achieve this? Like is there some sort of way that access can process the mysql linked table on the remote machine instead of the client machine?

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    Feb 2003
    Foxboro, MA

    Re: Bridging data (MySQL, Access)

    Use Ole and a connection string instead. DSN-less baby. Oh wait, is that VB6 or .NET? Not sure if you can pull it off in VB6. It's worth checking out. I'll check out more when I get the time but I've got a tight schedule. I do this all the time in C# though so I hope I'm pointing you in the right direction.

    Check out this site.

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