Interesting thread... (yet little OT since it's "Comparison Analysis", not "which is the best one" )

FYI, I am running the full version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal version 5. I feel good because I am not running anything else. No more software firewall (now relying on D-Link's router). I still would need some kind of Anti-Spam for my Outlook 2000 (and I like the Norton's but don't know if I want to put it back in my PC, already using Symantec WinFax). The PC seems running faster...

OK, from reading this once again, correct the following (of course, opinion will popup, but this is "Comparison Analysis" ) I like to know what to understand...

Best on-demand anti-spyware is Spybot S&D ?

Best real-time anti-spyware is Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta) ?

I will still need to download Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal , which is no longer free?

I can understand that relying on "all-in-one" package (like Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Personal Security Suite) wouldn't be as good as doing each (AV, anti-spyware, and anti-adware) as seperate... and anti-spam too?