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    Dec 2004

    Memory, CPU, and Vid Card Sale

    I'm about to do a serious upgrade, so I will be getting rid of certain things I own right now.

    For Sale:
    Sapphire ATI Raedon 9800pro with custom heat stink (shown in picture here)
    still has stock cooler and fan, asking price $140 (can be flashed to XT version has a R360 or R630 core, cant remeber but I know it can be succesfully flashed to XT)

    Mushkin 1Gb PC3200 LII V2 dual memory

    Athlon 64 3200+ DTR CG Stepping (Socket 754 )
    asking $90

    Everything must go, I am about to buy a 6800 GT and some new ram from some guy, and I just need a litte more money.

    PayPal Only! I ship with USPS Priority to anywhere in the United States & Canada!
    I can be contacted by PM or Email:
    Non-Free Email Addy (barely used):
    Paypal is

    Thanks for shopping.
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    e-mail me at

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