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    May 2001

    Team AMD Tech Tour

    I was invited to attend the Team AMD Tech Tour by one of my PC Suppliers who is strong on integrating AMD boxes. I am regestered to attend the Seattle event on the 12th of June in Bellevue.

    The feature presenters are MSI, nVidia, Microsoft, and of course AMD. The following vendors will also be present with displays.
    FIC, Gigabyte, Leadtek, ABit, DFI, ASUS, EPOX, Biostar, Chaintech, Acer Labs (ALi), Kingston, Seagate, Matrox, Western Digital, 3D Power.

    A few curious exceptions are Tyan, IWill, Soyo, VIA. I wonder whats up with that. Since AMD got VIA chipset division do you suppose that they are there but under a different name? They are suppose to be giving away tons of suff like MBs, Vid cards, Processors, etc. I am going to make sure I get in the drawings.
    I am going to be like a kid in the candy shop. Yippee!!!
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    Jun 2000
    It seems there are certain vendors for certain events. At the one here in MPLS. it was MSI, FIC, ASUS, Kingston,Seagate, nVidia,NEC, Microsoft,DFI and several hardware association folks. But it was kinda fun and there were lots of freebies and give aways. Have fun

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