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    Jan 2002

    Why can't I see the Trading Post?

    Why can't I see the Trading Post?


    We thought we would take a few minutes here and explain the recent changes at our Trading Forum and talk about our "reasoning" behind these changes:
    It became obvious to our Trading moderators that three distinct problems needed attention. Trades being negotiated via email by non-members[guests], recently banned members returning with new usernames and new members "trolling" the Trading Forums. The Trading Forum for sale or trade threads are no longer visible to guests or members not yet meeting newly established criteria.
    Our intent is not to make life difficult for anyone or limit the enjoyment of the forum but rather to enhance the relative safety of members buying or selling within the forum. Think of our criteria as a simple driving test before a license is issued. Again, not intended to be an imposition, but a measure of good and honorable intent. We simply needed to put the brakes on new members and unfortunately some existing members whose activity havent met the criteria now in place.
    Once again, youll most likely find the inconvenience simply temporary. Also, if you should have a trade in progress at the Trading Forum, please contact one of the moderators.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Trading post Mods
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