Howdy folks,

I've been in a deal gone bad i do belive.

The origonal deal was a trade for a 4th generation ipod. He got a 20 gig ipod, i got $175 and 512mb stick of OCZ PC3200 (valued at $70, taken off my asking price in the thread). This was december 20th. I would not ship till payment was made, and he made it quickly via paypal. I priortitied it out and he recieved it before christmas like he hoped. He promised to cross ship my ram and sent me a pm saying he did.

There's where it all went wrong. After 1 week i pm'd him back asking when and how he sent it out. 3 days after that pm i got a message back saying he was in sacramento all week and would have it out the next day. WTF? he had told me it was sent already. I sent a pm saying that was fine as long as it arrived. Its been a month now. No ram. I've sent several pm's, emails, no response.

I know i've been ripped off.

Here is a link to the origonal thread:

on an interesting note, he left me positive heat, you can view it following the link in my sig. Proves that the deal was cash+ram for the ipod.

Here's some personal info on him, if you need a address or # pm me.

John La

heat is under ahjohn117, pretty good till my deal.

I've been in contact with popcicle for quite some time regarding this now, and i dont have permission to move this in the bad traders section, so if a mod could do it i would appreciate. If anything more is needed, just pm me.