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    Jul 2001
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    Netgear card vs. bridge = AWESOME !!

    Hey there,

    It's been a while hasn't it?
    Well, I was out at a hotel and they offer their customer to check-out these ethernet-wireless
    lan adapters (bridges). I used it for the first 4-5 days and then decided that I might as well
    get one since I travel so much. I picked up a Netgear WG511U-DOUBLE 108 Mbps.
    It's a dual band card and it works really well. I can already tell a difference in the web
    browsing speed ( Yes, you really can ). I like to have versatility in my networks since you
    never know which one you will be in. I got it at Best Buy for $60 after $20 MIR.
    BTW- it's PCMIA, in case you were wondering. I will have to wait a little while so I can
    purchase a double 108 Mbps AP.

    The bridge is made by ZyXEL (Never heard of them )
    To be honest, I truly believe if you purchase a "G" card and operate it on a "B" network
    then you will get better performance than a "B" card on a "B" network.
    Some people may say I am on something but 50%-60% efficiency on a "B" network vs.
    50%-60% efficiency on a "G" network is still greater than "B" total.
    In short the performance capabilities are there, that's about it.

    Just my $0.02

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    Mar 2003

    Re: Netgear card vs. bridge = AWESOME !!

    To tell you the truth you really don't need anything more than a 10mb adapter for connecting to the internet considering the average broadband speed is only around 5-10mb/s.

    However nothing like having some new hardware to tinker with but you're always going to be limited by the type/speed of access point you are connecting to regardless of what you got.
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