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    Mar 2004
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    LCD monitor questions..

    What makes a good LCD monitor for games ? Is it possible with the available monitor those day ? Is it better with a high brightness and contrast ratio ? What about the pixel pitch.. I was used to know that .21 to .23 was very good for a CRT, but as far as I know its .29 for LCD.. Sorry for so much questions hehe, but any help would be welcome =)
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    Aug 2002
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    Re: LCD monitor questions..

    HI there,
    what you really should be looking for is pixel response time of at least <16ms.
    Most LCD's have a native resolution and therefore do not scale as well. the pixels are more or less similar size in different monitors makes so that doesn't matter.

    Its relatively easy to get a monitor with high levels of brightness but difficult to get one with good black saturations as LCD's can't really duplicate deep blacks and therefore their contrast ratios aren't as good as a decent CRT.

    what I'm going to do is copy your question to the video card section in hopes of getting other responses, so check there k?


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