i'm thinking of selling my system and going with a dtr laptop just trying to see what its worth.
nothing over 6 months old except the hd which is a year old
Abit nf7-s -stock runs great
512x2 geil ram - its there basic stuff with blue heatspreaders does 215 fsb at 2.5 3-3-6
2500+ mobile can do 2.6+ i run it at 2.5 with 1.75 2.6 with 1.85
Koolance watercooled case 3 months old does better than most people say. its blue with window and the 300 cpu cooler
bfg 6800 gt i run it stock haven't found a game that needed more power yet
480 watt thermaltake psu with fan controller
80 gb 7200rpm 8mb seagate sata HD and a dvd-cdrw combo drive
overall a nice quiet high performing pc. let me know what you guys think and i'd like to sell it all together thanks