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    Oct 2001

    Re: "Eyes on the Prize"

    This might be a little OT, but since it does go along with the topic, I'll just ask the question:

    Why do schools close for MLK Day, but remain open on Presidents day? No disrespect to MLK---he was a leader, but we're passing on honoring to great former US Presidents in the same manner?

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    May 2002
    Twain Harte, CA

    Re: "Eyes on the Prize"

    ^^ Big B-Man... to add insult to injury, they made "President's Day". How 'bout we start consolidating more days to clear the way for more, new holidays. Like Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day... we could consolodate them so we could make two new, more convenient days to celebrate someone different. Maybe Pocohauntus and Malcolm X.

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    Feb 2004

    Re: "Eyes on the Prize"

    Quote Originally Posted by jimzinsocal
    Do you really think Black History Month was designed to show something/prove something to white supremacists?
    No that was somewhat of an extreme analogy. Black History Month should show everyone (black, white, asian, hispanic, etc) the accomplishments that black people have made in this country.

    Dont you think perhaps Woodson was celebrating the accomplishments of blacks? I dont get that "show the whitey" attitude in his biographical materials. It seems to me adopting that posture would equate to a subserviant position....which certainly isnt evident with Woodson.
    How is adopting the position (or should I say accpeting the fact) that black people in America have made major contributions to society self-depreciating from your point of view?

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