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    Feb 2005

    K8NS Socket 939 Problem

    Hey all, new here but hoping someone can help me...
    I bought a new K8NS,a 3200+ and a new video card (6800GT) last week. I installed everything friday night and for some reason i cant seem to get the darn thing to boot right. I keep getting long beeps when I start it and in the manual that regards to a DRAM error. I have two sticks of PC3200 (one Corsair XMS, the other is TwinMos) They both work, along with the new video card (tried it in my old PC) The fans turn on and everything blinks (case lights, HDD,drives) but it keeps giving me the beeping no matter what slo it is in and no matter how many memory modules I use. I even tried my friends Samsung PC3200 Ram and that didn't work either. I bought everything from Does anyone happen to have any suggestions? I appreciate any help if someone could lend me some advice. Thanks much.


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    Oct 2001

    Re: K8NS Socket 939 Problem

    Hey nstclair13, hope you get your System up & purring !!!!
    I'm using the same motherboard with 3000 Winchester, only setup prob i had was install driver for 1 sata drive.. You can read the post in this Gig section..

    Only tip i can think of for you right now is to only put 1 mem chip for install.
    When you go to 2 mem chips for Dual channel, they MUST be the same chip exactly..
    I'm usung 3200 Ballistix & very happy so far !!!
    Good Luck !!
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    Apr 2003
    San Francisco, CA

    Re: K8NS Socket 939 Problem

    It's a good idea not to mix sticks of RAM. Get a matched pair of RAM. I'm running Corsair 2 sticks TWINX PC3200LL rock solid.
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    Mar 2004
    Manhattan, KS

    Re: K8NS Socket 939 Problem

    I put two sticks (separate individual purchases) of Geil Ultra-X PC3200 together on mine, and they are working fine so far. Have bumped VDimm up +2, but no problems here.
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