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    Jun 2003
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    Any reviews or thoughts on SAMSUNG 1100DF-Black 21" DynaFlat CRT Monitor

    Hi, ive been looking at this moniter here to replace my Hitachi 19" CM721F monitor (description here

    Anyway I have been searching and searching for any kind of review on this samsung monitor, but cant find a darn thing. Anyone here own one of these or can point me to a proper review of this monitor.

    For those of you that do own this monitor how do you think it would compare to the monitor i currently own? Is it worth the upgrade to a 21" monitor, or would the visual quality be about te same with my current monitor?

    Any help would be appreciated, (and yes i even did a google search) thnx.
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    Mar 2004

    Re: Any reviews or thoughts on SAMSUNG 1100DF-Black 21" DynaFlat CRT Monitor

    I didn't know Samsung still had a new model 21" CRT going around. This is probably going to end up being my next monitor, this or the NEC/Mitsubishi 21". I've been very pleased with my Samsung 17" CRT for almost 4 years now, and had a 15" Samsung for over 7 years before.

    Anyway, good luck in finding more about this 1100DF, I'd be interested too. Though, my upgrade is still sometime away, like late 2006 lol. That's when I'll upgrade my whole computer and get a huge monitor to go with it and play at 2048x1536 (I assume that a good video card by then should be able to ).

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