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    Jun 2001

    Smile Iwill & AHYJA 1.33 'y'

    Okay got a wk 20 AHYJA 1.33 'y' from a comp fair here in uk yesterday for 159 quid.Replaced a 1gig axia 'y' @ 1.5.
    Put her in and running @ 1.55 @ 1.75v.Running on iwill kk266r
    with thermo/delta and getiing temps of 37 idle 37 load.
    Running 11x 142/11.5x135 either does haven't benchmarked yet,
    plenty to play with at the mo.Specs:- crucial mem cas2 thermo/delta.
    Need advice, no matter what multipliers i set i can,t get this chip higher than 1565.No screen after restart out of bios etc hard drives whirring just no screen boot.Running 300 watt amd app supply.
    @ 1.775
    10x 154 -yes-
    10x 155 -yes-
    10x 156 -yes-
    10x 157 -no- case of have to hold down on powerup to get back to bios.Tried upping the voltage to 1.85 no joy.
    Any advice coz i know this chip will do better!

    Regards RjCoolio.
    If i knew that then,i wouldn't be here would i ?

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    May 2001
    Essex (UK)


    Sounds like your RAM m8, mine will only do 150Cas2 so if you managed 156 then you've done well. Lower the fsb to 156 (your last post) and try a higher multiplier, say 11. There was a good article I read somewhere, Iwill KK266-R FAQ I think, it was about finding your CPUs max speed. Put the fsb to 133 and keep upping the multiplier until it wont boot into windows. When it does, you've found your MAX speed. Then just up the FSB and multiplier until you find a mix that you're happy with. For instance, my 1GHz AXIA's MAX speed (stable) is 1425MHz. Thats 150x9.5. It's really a case of playing around. It definately sounds like you hit your RAMs limit though. Maybe try Cas3 if you have to have a higher FSB!!

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    GFX: Geforce 6800NU @ 16,6 & 345/831
    PSU: Sparkle 400w PSU
    Case: Lian Li PC60 with YS-Tech 8125's

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    Apr 2001
    South of the Watford Gap! London, England
    Whats 'holding down the powerup' and how does one do it?

    I assume this is similar to the way the BIOS can be reset on most Abit boards using the keyboard on bootup.
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