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    Mar 2001
    Planet Earth...I Think.

    3D Mark 2000 Scores......

    I am a newbie to benchmarking and I just recently benchmarked my Diamond V770 Ultra AGP card and here are my scores:

    CPU AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 950 Mhz
    3D Accelerator Diamond Viper V770/Viper V770 Ultra
    Graphics Chipset NVIDIA RIVA TNT2/Pro
    Resolution 1024x768 16bit
    Z-Buffer Depth 16bit
    Frame Buffer Triple
    CPU Optimization AMD Athlon(tm)

    3DMark Result TOTAL=3549 3D marks

    CPU Speed 298 CPU 3D marks
    Game 1 - Helicopter - Low Detail 71.7 FPS
    Game 1 - Helicopter - Medium Detail 53.6 FPS
    Game 1 - Helicopter - High Detail 25.1 FPS
    Game 2 - Adventure - Low Detail 59.0 FPS
    Game 2 - Adventure - Medium Detail 51.2 FPS
    Game 2 - Adventure - High Detail 35.2 FPS
    Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 262.8 MTexels/s
    Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 241.8 MTexels/s
    High Polygon Count (1 Light) 4634.0 KTriangles/s
    High Polygon Count (4 Lights) 4016.6 KTriangles/s
    High Polygon Count (8 Lights) 3300.5 KTriangles/s
    8MB Texture Rendering Speed 189.1 FPS
    16MB Texture Rendering Speed 186.1 FPS
    32MB Texture Rendering Speed 170.7 FPS
    64MB Texture Rendering Speed 147.7 FPS
    Bump Mapping (Emboss 3-pass) 180.7 FPS
    Bump Mapping (Emboss 2-pass) 119.0 FPS
    Bump Mapping (Emboss 1-pass) 101.7 FPS
    Bump Mapping (Environment) N/A FPS
    Published No

    Please let me know what you think about these scores.
    Are these high or are these low scores? Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Mar 2001
    They seem pretty good for a tnt2. I was getting around 3500 with mine. However, you could double or even triple with a geforce2 or 3
    AMD64 4000+ San Diego
    Soltek K8Tpro 939
    BFG 6800 GT OC
    Koolance PC2-650BU with cpu and nb water blocks
    Blue LED Modded
    1gig corsair pc3200
    Windows XP Home SP2

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