Page 2-11 of Asus A8n-sli Deluxe motherboard manual says:

"Due to chipset resource allocation, the system may detect less than 4GB of system memory when you installed four 1GB memory modules."

"Due to CPU limitation, DIMM modules with 128 Mb memory chips or
double-sided x16 memory chips are not supported in this motherboard."

It is a socket 939 board with nforce4 chipset and takes PC3200 memory.

Could someone explain in detail when a memory manufacturer list a
stick of memory having say a 128Mb x64 what that actually means?
Is it like 64 bit wide and 128Mb chips? But 'Mb' stands for megabit not megabyte.
Would such a stick of memory have 8*128Mb chips to give 1024MB or memory?
If so, I do not understand how such a multiplication works. Also I was told once that
you cannot tell from a 128Mb X 64 specification whether the chip is dual banked or
whether it is double sided. I was told that dual banked and double sided are different terms

Anyways I ask these questions because I have no understanding of how I could actual
load up the board with 4 sticks of 1GB memory for a total of 4GB with the 2 quoted stipulations above. If the 1GB stick of memory were created from x8 chips (8 chips I guess that means which would mean it was single sided right and at least there was a possibility that it sometimes was manufactured as a single bank(single sided)?) then would not each of those chips be 128Mb (megabit) type? That would fail 128Mb stipulation! And then lets say the 1GB stick was alternatively made from 64Mb (megabit) chips, well then it would take 16 of them or be 'x16' layout. So that would mean for sure it was double sided with 2 banks for certain. This would fail the other stipulation quoted above!

So how does a 1GB stick of memory exist that passes the 2 stipulations quoted above?
What am I missing?

Is this a motherboard issue or a current socket 939 processor issue.
I was told some of these issues may be worked out in the next line of socket 939 processors
that will come out (the line that will include the SSE3 extensions) (I am sure I got the abreviation wrong).

Any detailed explanations would be appreciated