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    Jul 2001

    * * * * All New Linux Forum FAQ * * * *

    Welcome to the all new Linux Forum FAQ.

    The idea is to create a simple but easily seachable FAQ. Like the Linux Forum Links thread, this thread is designed to expand, but that will depend on you, the forum members, submitting your FAQs. To make a submission either PM a forum moderator or post it in the forums.

    Bonso has recently started an FAQ which I hope he'll submit to this, and I know Provicemo has also expressed an interest in doing some bits. If you'd like to tackle a topic, I would suggest either using Bonso's thread or starting a new thread as a "workshop" to work on your FAQ, and then when you're happy with it, it can be added here. Also, suggestions for a list of topics to be covered would be useful then people can pick off which they would like to cover. I've started the ball rolling below to give you an idea (there is a 10,000 character limit per post and I'd suggest one topic per post).

    Bonso's FAQ Thread can be found here or in HTML form.

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