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    Jun 2001

    Question Weird goings on with CPU fans....any ideas?

    OK here's the deal......brand new AXIA "Y" 1gig Athlon currently running at 1.365gig (KT7 mobo...soon getting IWILL so hopefully crank it up to 1.5).....using the heatsink from a Globalwin FOP38 and a bog standard "noname" fan at 5300 rpms I get idle temp of 32 degs C and peak (using Folding@Home) of 49 degs C. Today I had the cover off my pc and decided to try the FOP38 fan and check my idle/peak temps with which I get 27 degs C idle and 39 degs C peak "WOW 10 degs drop" thinks I and leaves the FOP38 fan on and puts the case cover back on. Ok so I boot into windows and decide to start up MBM5 which shows an idle temp of 36 degs C "HUH?" thinks I.....starts up folding @home and my peak temp shoots up to 52 degs C.
    Now, I understand that the temps are gonna be higher with the case on than off, but why would they be higher with the FOP38 fan (and heatsink) than just using a shitty 5300rpm fan with the FOP38 Heatsink?
    Anyone have any ideas as to why I'm getting this weirdness?

    Sorry for the long post btw but it's vexed me.

    Oh yeah almost forgot to mention, when changing the fans I didn't remove the heatsink from the CPU.

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    Apr 2001
    Down South
    Just a hunch.....
    But your last remark

    Oh yeah almost forgot to mention, when changing the fans I didn't remove the heatsink from the CPU.
    You may have disturbed the Heatsink/CPU contact area when changing fans. If so then the HSF is not making the same kind of contact it was before, therefore worse thermal transfer.
    This will especially be the case if you used Thermal Interface Material. That stuff is a one shot deal.
    I recommend you remove the HSF, clean the CPU and HSF and reinstall using Arctic Silver or similar.
    Be careful, those Globalwin clips can be a pain.

    Hope this helps.
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    May 2001
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    Sounds a good point to me,

    I used to do that a lot (Im a lazy bugger ) But after a couple of heat increasing instances, Im back to removing the HS as well as the fan. Bear in mind, that fans only move air, not cool it, so if case cooling is inadequate, then warm air will be used to cool the heatsink and thats not good!!!

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