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    May 2001
    Baltimore, MD USA

    Question Amount of thermal grease on Northbridge

    I replaced the stock HS on the Northbridge with a BlueOrb. I noticed the thermal paste already on the HS was white and there was A LOT of it. This is the 3rd K7 Master I've done this too and they all have a thick coat. I had expected to see a thin coat (like I did with my CPU and a thin coat of Arctic Silver II).

    Does anyone know if the large amount of thermal grease is because the type of thermal grease, or maybe that the HS is only held on by pins and therefore is not tight? Or maybe because the Northbridge is a pretty large surface area?

    Bascially I want to know how much Arctic Silver II to put on the Northbridge before I "schtick" my BlueOrb on it.

    1.333 GHz AYJHA - Y T-Bird
    Epox 8KHA+ @ Turbo
    Taisol CGK760092 copper bottom
    VisionTek Geforce3 (28.32)
    512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR Ram
    Enermax Whisper 431W EG465P-VE(FC)
    SoundBlaster X-Gamer Live! 5.1
    40GB Maxtor ATA100 7200 HD
    60GB WD ATA100 7200 HD
    Liteon 32x12x40 CDRW
    Mitsumi CD (8x! LOL!)
    PSI 917A ATX Full tower
    ViewSonic P815 21"
    DLink DFE530TX+ 10/100 NIC
    LinkSys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router
    2-way cable modem
    Microsoft WindowsXP SP1
    Via4in1 4.43

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    Aug 2000


    The large amount is because it is just slapped on in production as that is easier (and therefore cheaper) than applying it properly, which takes time. You should still apply a thin layer of AS before Blorbing.


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