I have a compaq smart array 221 controller with 4x 4.3G scsi drives in raid 5. I want to reconfigure this array to a raid 0 but the only utility i can find to do this is meant to be run from an installed os and theres the catch. I cannot reconfigure the array from which i am booting (logical really) and i cannot find a rompaq or softpaq (to make floppys) that will allow me to do this...
Today i have started d'loading a smartstart cd image v7.20 from the web which may or may not help and i trawled thru many forums for answers and only found another person in the same boat as me. A small glimmer of hope is all but gone with the mention in one post of a softpaq named 'SP10702.exe' but i havn't been able to find that either.
A solution i want to avoid is poking the card in another pc to reconfigure it as the card is the full length type with support brackets etc.

Any help and thoughts appreciated ;-)

BTw~ its in a proliant 800 server which can drown out the vacuum cleaner !