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    May 2000

    AMD or Intel workstation Commentary On Hardware Analysis?

    The following article found at Hardware Analysis attempts to define the market and business plan of both AMD and the new 760 chipset, and fails miserably. Mr. Sander Sassen believes that AMD should have introduced dual processor support to the retail market rather then the corporate sector. I can just imagine seeing these corporate workhorses featured as the new Compaq Presario or HP Pavilion at the local CompUSA or BestBuy. No less having a price tag of $3,000.00 - $4,000.00. Mr. Sassenís biggest glaring mistake is that his analysis is based on an end-user, retail perspective. With the exception of Mr. Sassenís opinion, the technology industry knows that the success of AMD relied on its success in the CORPORATE arena NOT retail. AMD has proven itself time and time again as a viable and worthy contender in the retail market. So, why does Mr. Sassen conclude that AMD should have introduced the 760MP to the retail market? Who knows! Further, Mr. Sassen goes on to state that there are no features that make the 760MP an ďall out crowd pleaser.Ē But in the same breath, he gives praise to the EV-6 bus and further touts the advantages of the dedicated bus to each CPU.

    Mr. Sassenís ďanalysisĒ reeks of amateurish and inconsistent judgment. If it were up to Mr. Sassen, we would see these high-end, expensive, corporate solutions in Presarioís and Pavilionís at BestBuy and Wal-Mart. He fails to realize that this retail focus is the downfall of Gateway. Whereas Dell decided to focus on the corporate market and Gateway decided to go the retail route. We all know the outcome of this business strategy. Even though Mr. Sassen discounts the fact that the 760MP outperforms Intelís duel Xeon offering in may benchmarks, has independent busís, and provides a better cost / performance ratio, he still feels that AMD has fallen short and further believes that AMD has not proven itself as a crowd pleaser. The only technological concern that I have is the reasoning behind Tyan's decision to not implement a 64-bit 66MHz PCI bus. (Spud, you know what Iím talking about). This is critical and a standard feature on high-end workstation and server solutions. Other than this questionable omission, the 760MP is a worthy and viable consideration.

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