Id like to state that i am at this moment testing my 5th DDR board, so i am in a position to offer advice as i sit here running setti in the backround to test stability.Tested 3 AMD760 boards, 1 Ali Magik and 1 KT266.The AMD 760 are Asus A7m266 (good solid board poor overclocker).Gigabyte 7DXR ( another solid board good overclocker,very stable and good performance) Epox 8K7A
(again solid board, the most stable when overclocked, and gave the highest mem benches and best Overclock results so far).
The KT266 was the Soltek 75DRV(Solid board again, which i did not expect, very high memory scores beating all but the Epox,but has issue at the moment with the USB controller not functioning above 137FSB, most probably will be fixed with bios revision, but i can only say this was a very good overclocker and never failed to boot after a bad clock attempt).The Ali was the Iwill which again was quite a stable board,but not quite as good as the others,does not bench as well, and had some issues with the Ami raid controller with Deskstar drives, notably slower than on the other controllers, but i would not say it is a bad board, but simply not as stable or as easy to install as the others, also has some serious issues with the AGP controller when overclocked above 142mhz, these only showed up with the Nbidia based cards GF2 & GF3 and not with the ATI card, which has a new specific Bios Fix on Iwills site.
So in conclusion i would recommend the Epox as 1st, Gigabyte 2nd,Soltek 3rd, and the Asus and Iwill joint fourth.

I will be publishing this review in the next few days, so take this as a sneak preview of the results, and look forward to greater technical details, and benchmarks. the scores will be as follows

Epox 97/100 Gigabyte 94/100 Soltek 93/100 Asus & Iwill 91/100

Hope this helps, but the review should help you more, if you nned to discuss anything on any of the above please feel free to mail me at