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    Oct 2001

    Question ?A7V600 & Corsair Value Select PC3200?

    I just need to know if anyone is running or has ran Corsair Value Select PC3200 (model VS1GBKIT400) on this board? It is not on the "approved list" from Asus.

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    Apr 2001
    Los Angeles

    Re: ?A7V600 & Corsair Value Select PC3200?

    The way that you really want to do this is to go to Corsair home page and and click on the banner on the bottom left (currently) of the page that says: "Ram Guy Recommends the right module for your system": this gets you into the ram configurator. Most major memory brands will have one: If you enter all of the information in there, you will see that your module is recommended so it is good to go. This is important to you because Corsair is saying this and they are the ones that ultimately will be supporting your lifetime warranty. Not Asus, and the retailer only for a limited time. Also, Asus is not going to continue testing memory every time some comes onto the market for every board they have released. They will test a variety once at the time that they release the board.

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    Jun 2004

    Re: ?A7V600 & Corsair Value Select PC3200?

    The A7V600 & A7V600-X are OK with Samsung & Kingston PC3200 value RAM. Both are 3-3-3-8 and need to be set to 2.5-3-3-8 to be completely stable (set at SPD FarCry will CTD).

    I wouldn't be surprised if its a "feature" of the chipset - so it might be worthwhile bearing in mind if you get any stability problems with the Corsair.

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