so here's something that somewhat follows a point i made earlier today and while i have picked kingmax, it's not the only memory that claims 150... see second line...

Extended Description:
Kingmax TinyBGA Ultra Fast PC-150 SDRAM Low Profile 168-pin unbuffered DIMM Series PC150-332 Specification Maximum Operating Frequency = 150MHz CAS Latency = 3 Runs stable at CAS2 RAS to CAS Delay = 3 Precharge Delay = 2 Device Cycle Time = 6.6ns Clock Access Time = 4.5ns On-Board Serial Presence Detect (SPD) Low Profile - 1 inch high (2.54cm) JEDEC PC-133 SDRAM DIMM Compatible

PC150- 332..

2 things to watch out for folks..

a) hell, my crucial pc-133 stick was doing 159 at 2-2-2 last night!

b) they NEVER that i have seen define what the cpu ext. frequency is going into this stick..if you have an 100 cpu ext. and a 133 cpu ext. frequency board, test it does make a difference..and should be defined by manufacturer or memory..or we should ask!

memory will not run to the same potential at either 100 or 133 cpu ext. frequency! you're front loading more bandwidth into the memory chip at 133! i proved it with my a7v and proved it last night with my a7v133...and tested and proved last night that a 133 can be made to look like a 150 stick long as its using 100 cpu ext. frequency.

ask the questions's your money, you have a right to know what you are really getting for potential. too many people have posted with complaints about not getting what they expected out of their's tragic, really...and a rip off!

i like crucial because it actually appears to rate at the latest cpu ext. frequency. hell, some companies could be testing their stuff on a cpu ext. frequency of 66 and how would you know the difference?