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    Feb 2006

    Angry Re: [Linux] Compiling optimized SETI client using FFTW3

    Note that you should definitely not set custom CFLAGS when compiling FFTW. This is likely to slow FFTW down.

    FFTW's configure script already picks optimized CFLAGS for your system. (It turns out that, to compile FFTW efficiently, it needs to disable most compiler optimizations for most of its files.)

    Also, if you are using FFTW on a machine with SSE instructions, you should definitely configure FFTW with --enable-sse --enable-float, so that the FFTW routines exploit these instructions (the SETI code doesn't need to do anything special as long as FFTW is properly compiled).

    Finally, FFTW 3.1 or later is probably a good idea.

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    Jul 2001

    Re: [Linux] Compiling optimized SETI client using FFTW3

    Thanks Steven

    I just assumed compiling FFTW with CFLAGS would be optimal (always a bad thing, I know). We can certainly go back and look at compiling it without any CFLAGS and benchmark the differences. Benchmark runs take about 2 hours on my build system, so time doesn't always permit benchmarking every last detail, but we'll certainly go back and look at this again.

    Thanks for the heads up on the release of FFTW 3.1 - again, we can look to benchmark for speed improvements over v3.0.1

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