I can not for the like of it, get the 3dmark to complete a bench, it keeps booting me back to my desktop after 2 or 3 tests,
i know somewhere that its related to my new Radeon 64mb DDr ViVo, because i ran it before with my old Rage Fury Pro card.
Any thoughts on this cause??
No extra apps running in the background, checked that one out also.
Have the latest Radeon drivers, DirectX8a, and digital directx update.

A7V133 (1005 bios)
1.2 Axia @ 1.4
via 4in1 (4.31)
512mb Crucial pc133
Radeon 64mb DDR ViVo
SB Live
WD 30gig ATA 100
MS IntelliMouse Optical USB
D-Link 10/100 NIC
NEC Monitor

p.s. ( The AMD NBench runs completely with no vid card troubles)