HI! All!

My first self-built system.

1.333GHz Athlon "C" (AXIA) FSB145 @1450
256Crucial/128MB Corsairmicro XMS2400
Epox 8K7A
Riva TNT Video Model 64 32MB
Lucent Modem
Min. system configuration)

I tried overclocking with the Corsairmicro XMS2400 and then with the CrucialPC2100. The Corsair will produce a little better and stable system than the Crucial. So I lowered my FSB to 145 and used both of the RAMs so that I could have more than just 128MB RAM.

I got it up to 1600MHz all it would do was partially post. O thought that was incrediable since I only changed the FSB. Not the voltage, multiplier, current, etc.

I have eight more of these 1.333GHz (AXIA) Athlons that all are the same except for the three last numbers on the third line. All start with Y6174720xxx with the last three numbers: 243, 245, 317, 326, 428, 532, 743, 754, 857. I was thinking that since this 243 is performing this well that shouldn't all these very similar processors perform about the same. I actually was very stable at 1500MHz but that was only with the Corsairmicro2400.

I would like to her from the old overclockers regarding their thoughts on my system and infor. This is the first system that I have ever built and I am happy that it worked out well.

Please let me know what oy think.