I bought myself a Maxtor 300G 16MB cache hard drive a few weeks ago. and i hadent noticed this before but seems the hard drive is only being recognized about half the time when my system is booting, the boot screen will show my raptor but sometimes it wont show my Maxtor. Weird thing is, if i keep rebooting a few times in a row then the maxtor magically appears during the boot process. But once the drive is recognized and i fully boot into windows, the drive never suddenly dissapears. Its as though if the drive is recognized during boot then im ok the rest of the time the computer is on, but if i boot and drive not found then i re-boot and re-boot till it does come up.

At first i thought it might be a cable going out, so i replaced it, but obviously that wasent the problem. This maxtor drive was replacing a Hitachi 250G drive, which never had boot recognizing problems, it was always recognized? By the way i ran HDDlife and it shows the drive as being good (i know that HDDlife cant predict future failures but it looks like its saying the drive is ok at the PRESENT).

Well anyway, has other people had this problem, i thought i read somewhere that the drive comming up missing was perhaps a bios thing? If theres a fix or a workaround id love to hear from you guys.

P.S. my system specs are below