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    Nov 2004
    Wellngton New Zealand

    What should I expect from this?

    Hi everyone I'm about to have a go at my first overclock (had my Barton 3200 to 2.4GHz), and am just a little puzzled. I have Mushkin DDR550 RAM which has been tested to 281MHz (the actual sticks, bought from Ramil after the test) on a P4. I have a CBBID 0502 Winchester with XP-90C & 58cfm 92mm fan, and a K8N Neo2 Platinum board, with a SilenX 450W PSU and all drives on dedicated channels, no RAID.

    My question is this: As the RAM has been verified at that speed, would I be unreasonable to hope for a 2800+MHz clock from this? I've had a good read up, and it seems that I'll need to pump up the voltages a bit, which I haven't done before - any tips/tricks? Obviously the proof is in the pudding, but as this is my first real OC I'm not sure of what to expect from it.

    AMD FX-57 | DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR | 4x1GB DDR500 OCZ Gold
    Stock cooling | XFX
    8800GTS 640MB XXX

    Audigy2 ZS Plat | OS: 150GB Raptor
    Docs: 2x 500GB & 1x 250GB 16MB WD SATA II
    2x DVDRW | Lined & Sealed TT Tsunami w/SilenX Fans
    SilenX iXtrema Pro 600W PSU

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    Jan 2004

    Re: What should I expect from this?

    i really doubt 2.8, especially on air

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