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    Apr 2005

    memtest passed but locks up in 3dmark

    ok i got my pqi turbo 2x512 DAH overclocked at 225mhz with 2.9volts. it passes memtest with no problems or errors but when i go to try to run 3dmark05, it craps out and my system is restarded. the highest speed i can run 3dmark at is 215mhz and even there, i get lower fps and lower 3dmarks05 than when it was at 200mhz.

    now, im not a benchmark whore or anything like that but having just built this system, i dont have any games to test it with (world of warcraft sub ended, need gamecard; still downloading hl2 off steam) so im using 3dmark05 to see how it does. im just afraid this problem in 3dmark will forshadow problems i will face when these games are installed.

    now my oc settins when this happened was...

    HTT: 225
    multiplier : 7x (9x is stock)
    ht multiplier (right word?): 4x
    cpu @ 1.5v
    memory was at 2.9v and timings were at first set to auto but then later set to 2.5-3-3-7.

    i tried multiplier at 9x after thinking it was my cpu but no, same problem.

    any ideas on whats going on? bad ram? i thought about that but it did pass memtest...
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    Oct 2004

    Re: memtest passed but locks up in 3dmark

    you said it that is why your computer is stable when runing mem test then when you run windows on it it makes it a little more unstable then when you run 3dmark05 then it restarts it is because it cannot handle that much overclock it becomes so unstable that windows crashes then restarts. or your operating system is so crapy that it cannot deal with that I would get some more stable RAM

    you will have to run at that speed no faster that is why but I would have thought that you would have gottne a little more that just that speed that is kinda of bad for that system

    hope I helped,
    Mike Cardenzana
    "I didn't recognize you with all the blood"

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    Jul 2001
    South Windsor, CT.

    Re: memtest passed but locks up in 3dmark

    Try increasing your CPU voltage usually restarting is CPU related.
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    Apr 2002
    Boston, MA

    Re: memtest passed but locks up in 3dmark

    Yea, I would try out Prime95 just to help rule out a few things. If it primes fine for a few hours then I would try out a different version of futuremarks 3dmark.

    It could be a multitude of things, but I think your ram could be ok, considering it memtests ok. It could be a bad 3dmark dl, could be the cpu is undervolted, could be your psu isn't throwing enough stable juice...could be a lot of things. So lets start with Prime95.


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    Aug 2000

    Re: memtest passed but locks up in 3dmark

    My money is also on the CPU.


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