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    Aug 2000

    Overclocking links

    Right, I've finally spent some time on tidying up the links to overclocking guides. I've tried to divide them into types, but all are worth checking out. Note that some of these guides may be rather old. If you have other useful links, please PM them to me for my consideration. Please note that links to rival sites won't get posted (for obvious reasons - sorry!), but links to specific guides on those sites are allowed. Links to your own site will be allowed provided it gives useful information.

    Updated 24 June 05

    * Newbie - basic guides
    Madshrimps guides - lots!
    Downloadable guide
    Kh'Ru3l's guide
    Principle of Overclocking
    Pedal to the Metal: AMD overclocking
    TechReport Beginners Guide

    * Advanced guides
    Home site for SetFSB
    Madshrimps guide to BIOS settings
    Sean Kon's Overclocking Bible and other stuff

    * Testing/benchmarking
    Stability testing
    Russian site with some benchmarking tools
    Sandra home site
    Futuremark (3DMark) home
    Fraps home
    Motherboard Monitor home
    CPU-Z home

    * Specific CPUs
    Unlocking Tbirds (old!)
    Identifying older AMD chips by their codes
    Bridge painting guide for AMD CPUs
    A thread on L12 modding
    Pentium 4 overclocking (old)
    graysky's guide to Core 2 Duo overclocking
    Xbitlabs guide to overclocking i7 processors
    Bit-tech net's guide to overclocking i7

    * 64-bit
    Caprid's guide from the CPU forum here
    Guide from the [H] forums (spit! )

    * Random
    Useful set of links
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