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    Aug 2003
    Southern California, USA

    Re: Area 51 Singleplayer Demo

    Well after playing it yesterday night, I had the same problem. I'm still stuck in the opening room and the use key doesn't do jack. Graphics didn't seem all that great, comparable to Deus Ex 1. Physics were also non existent. Well whatever..... yet another generic fps....

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    Mar 2001

    Re: Area 51 Singleplayer Demo

    I have played the demo and agree with what everyone says. Hopefully the full game will have better graphics and you can adjust the field of view (FOV). Right now it has kinda a tunnel effect that is lessened somewhat by running at 1200 x 1024 or higher.

    Game play is fun, despite graphics. Yes, opening movie is one of the best I ever saw. If only the game looked like that . I made it out of the first room. There is a switch on a control panel that opens the door to your left when facing the reception/information desk. You must highlight the little yellow target with your crosshair till it turns green then hit tab (or whatever use button is I forget) and door opens.

    AS for picking up secrets, must use your scanner (1 button on weapons list), highlite the yellow till it turns green again, then hit fire button. It downloads the secret to your data base in the main menu where you can read it. That part is actually cool

    If you move farther on there is very funny part where you see that the apollo moon landing was all faked because your on the set where they filmed it I couldn't get past there as you had to jump to a beam after moving some batteries and for the life of me I couldn't jump over to it.

    I like gameplay a lot, graphics and FOV kinda suck. Mouse sensitivity needs drastic tweaking also. Hopefully the full game will improve these somewhat. I looked at the configs and basically was nothing there so thats why graphics may be kinda bad in the demo.
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    Feb 2004

    Re: Area 51 Singleplayer Demo

    Ya this game doesn't bring anything new to FPS type of games.I am not IMpressed at all...ANd ya if the game looked anything like the cinematics it would be one damn good looking game...I do like the weapon choice...

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    Apr 2002

    Re: Area 51 Singleplayer Demo

    Generic, but not too bad. Another bargin bin choice I think.

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