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    May 2004

    A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    stolen from

    Bleeding Man Runs To Eastpointe Store After Shooting

    Gunfight May Be Case Of Vigilante Justice

    POSTED: 10:39 am EDT June 13, 2005
    UPDATED: 3:41 pm EDT June 13, 2005

    EASTPOINTE -- A man was shot and wounded outside an Eastpointe gas station Sunday in what police say may have been a case of vigilante justice.

    The incident occurred at about 1 p.m. when a man driving in the area of Kelly Road north of Eight Mile apparently recognized a sport utility vehicle parked at a Marathon station that he said had been carjacked from his wife a few days before.

    Video: Witness Reacts To Shooting Outside Gas Station

    Police said he got out of his vehicle with a shotgun to confront the two occupants of the SUV and shots were exchanged.

    One of the men inside the SUV suffered gunshot wounds to his head, hand and leg from a shotgun blast, according to The Macomb Daily. Witnesses said the injured man ran across Kelly Road to Rex's Kelly Deli and was seen bleeding from his arm and leg.

    The man was taken to St. John Macomb Hospital where he was listed in temporary serious condition, the paper reported.

    Eastpointe Sgt. Rich Hardy told the paper that both vehicles, the shotgun and a .22-caliber revolver were seized at the scene. The other occupant of the SUV and the man accused of firing the shotgun were taken into custody.

    No other injuries were reported.

    Hardy told the paper that it wasn't immediately known if the impounded vehicle had actually been stolen.

    Authorities are working to determine what charges will be levied and against whom.
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    I guess to make this TLR worthy, I should include a debate question. Hmmm... Got it! What do you think about vigilante justice? Good? Bad? No sure? Discuss!
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    Jun 2002
    darkside of the moon...

    Re: A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    too bad the POS didnt die already

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    Feb 2003
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    Re: A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    It's fine as long as you're willing to do the time for it.

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    Oct 2003

    Re: A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    While I might empathize with the man, I don't condone vigilantism; we have the police for a reason. I'm interested to see if this story turns out to be as he claimed.
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    Re: A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    The article doesn't go into enough detail for me to answer on this matter. In this country we are permitted to bear arms, for defense from criminals AND the government. There is also nothing that restricts citizens from making arrests, though they are usualy held to a higher standard for protecting their prisoners safety and are vulnerable to legal action if incorrect. Iff the owner approached the criminals, verbally arrested them, and fired only after being fired upon, he did absolutely nothing illegal and IMO did his civic duty as a citizen by attempting to bring criminals to justice.

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    Oct 2003
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    Re: A Story To Make Members Of This Board Proud.....

    If he had shot the suspected carjackers during the commission of the act, fine. However, to gun them down just because he happened across the two is not OK. He went way too far, and will probably have a bit of time with not much to do but sit around to think about it.
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