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    Apr 2003

    Re: "If you are not a US citizen, the Bill of Rights does not apply to you"

    The writer sounds like some xenaphobic hick who's never even ventured out of his home state. Having said that, I kinda agree with him in regards to illegal immigrants. They should be deported by the fastest available means with no appeal.

    In terms of visitors, tourists and (legal) foreign workers I think the law of the land should apply to them too. It's normal to treat 'guests' with the same courtesy and you would treat your own citizens. This is good manners if nothing else.
    That's petty much the way the law reads, as I understand it Enmore. Illegals are supposed to be returned to the border or country of origin by law.
    Im sorry, did I miss something?
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    Sep 2003

    Re: "If you are not a US citizen, the Bill of Rights does not apply to you"

    Quote Originally Posted by kbohip
    Oh boy...Here we go!
    I love your sig, he's from my hometown.
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