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Thread: FX-55 San Diego

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    Jul 2002

    FX-55 San Diego

    Has anyone here tried this out yet or have any opinion on it? I have seen that some people have had good luck with them but I trust the opinions here better than elsewhere.
    Core I7/GA-EX58-UD4P
    6 gigs of ddr3 1600
    Raid 0 x2 WD 320AAKS
    4870 X2
    Silverstone 1000w Strider psu
    Thermochill PA 120.3 with dual pumps

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    Sep 2002
    SNP (Scottish National Party)

    Re: FX-55 San Diego

    it seem very good and it ran so fast...also it much cooler when using CNQ -- boot up XP SP2 seem lots quicker than my last one with 3800+ Venice -- all processor like Winchester, Venice and SD are all great to use also very fast to run that Ive used it and now im used FX55 SD so it up to you which one and see this link: and think it about which one you want to buy for yourself -aviod the FX57 just now cos it far too dear as it cost about 763!! that oot of my range but it will cut down in few months time once the new Socket M2 is release.

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