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    nf7-s working s-ata?

    hi im buying a new mobo for a download rig, and im going to be using 2x 200gb s-ata drives with it, i know the nf7-s is a good motherboard but before i had real problems with the serial ata on it, so that i couldnt transfer files from each sata drive to the other or raid them properly without problems, i found out it was the silicon image chip that was the problem, but this was a long time ago, does this problem still exist?

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    Re: nf7-s working s-ata?

    Nope if you use BIOS d1.4 or later there is a BIOS option called "EXT2-P2P's Discard Time" if you set it to 1ms there shouldn't be anymore problems.
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    Re: nf7-s working s-ata?

    1 of the main problems is that the SATA controller is routed via the PCI Bus & hence limited by it in the max transfer rate.

    If you get a board using the nForce2 MCP2-Gb or MCP RAID southbridge you will have SATA integrated into the southbridge & therefore unconstrained by the PCI bus.
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